The Problem

The Solution

Your dev board BSP ships with a “Hello World” web interface which does nothing to show off the capabilities of your device.

Ship a µWeb demo with your BSP that shows what is really possible with your device, from display of temperature sensors, to firmware upgrades.

Your dev board BSP ships with a static web interface containing advertising/support information with no compelling reason for developers to use the web interface.

Ship a µWeb demo which provides real functionality (firmware upgrades, ssh key management, network configuration) alongside sales and support information. Thus providing a reason for developers to keep coming back to the web interface.

Your customers want to build a secure, professional web interface for their product based on your dev board, but they have only simple cgi-bin shell script examples running under boa.

Ship a µWeb demo which includes source code for the provided functionality to demonstrate how µWeb can be used to dramatically reduce the time required to develop a secure, professional web interface.

A typical BSP web interface

A typical µWeb-based BSP web interface