How it Works

title "SNMP Settings"
label "SNMP"
help "Configure the SNMP agent settings"

bar "SNMP Settings"

init {
    package require common

text {
    display display_page_help

field enable {
    label "Enable SNMP"
    type boolean
    default 0
    help {Enable or disable the SNMP agent}
    display display_field_help

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from the page definition above.

The Page Definition

µWeb takes a unique approach, combining a declaration-style approach for fields and pages with a built-in scripting language for actions and customisation. On the right is an example of a page which allows SNMP settings to be configured for an embedded device. Click the see more link to see the full page definition.

Building The Application

The µWeb compiler combines the page definitions along with the overall application and menus definitions, and links to the µWeb runtime to produce the web application to be deployed to the target device.

Deploying The Application

The resulting web application is easily deployed either standalone, using the built-in web server, under inetd, or as a cgi-bin application running under a separate web server. Static content (style sheets and images) can either be deployed directly to the filesystem or linked into the application with the VFS layer.